HIPAA Transactions Convergence Project


Ingenix' Convergence Project reflects only the good faith interpretation of requirements for HIPAA transactions made by the publisher of each list. These interpretations are not reviewed or approved by Ingenix or any governmental or private entity. Publisher's or other person's interpretations may differ. Ingenix disclaims all warranties and accepts no liability for user's reliance or use of Ingenix' Convergence system.


004010Functional Acknowledgment0
004010X040271 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information0
004010X061820 Payment Order/Remittance0
004010X061A1820 Payment Order/Remittance0
004010X091835 Remittance0
004010X091A1835 Remittance1
004010X092270 Eligibility - Inquiry0
004010X092271 Eligibility - Information0
004010X092A1270 Eligibility - Inquiry0
004010X092A1271 Eligibility - Information0
004010X093276 Claim Status - Request0
004010X093277 Claim Status - Notification0
004010X093A1276 Claim Status - Request0
004010X093A1277 Claim Status - Notification0
004010X094278 Services Review - Request0
004010X094278 Services Review - Response0
004010X094A1278 Services Review - Request0
004010X094A1278 Services Review - Response0
004010X095834 Enrollment0
004010X095A1834 Enrollment0
004010X096837 Institutional0
004010X096A1837 Institutional341
004010X097837 Dental0
004010X097A1837 Dental160
004010X098837 Professional0
004010X098A1837 Professional327
004010X161824 Application Reporting0
004040Functional Acknowledgment0
004040X167277 Claim Acknowledgement0
004050Functional Acknowledgment0
004050X150277 Health Care Claim - Request for Additional Information0
004050X151275 Additional Information to Support a Health Care Claim or Encounter0
005010X186824 Application Reporting for Insurance0
005010X186A1824 Application Reporting0
005010X210275 Additional Information to Support a Health Care Claim or Encounter0
005010X211275 Additional Information to Support a Health Care Services Review0
005010X212276 Claim Status - Request0
005010X212277 Health Care Claim Status Response0
005010X213277 Health Care Claim Request For Additional Information0
005010X214277 Health Care Claim Acknowledgement0
005010X215278 Health Care Services Review Information - Inquiry0
005010X215278 Health Care Services Review Information - Response0
005010X216278 Health Care Services Review Information - Acknowledgment0
005010X216278 Health Care Services Review Information - Notification0
005010X217278 Services Review - Request0
005010X217278 Services Review - Response0
005010X218820 Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products0
005010X220834 Benefit Enrollment0
005010X220A1834 Benefit Enrollment0
005010X221835 Remittance1
005010X221A1835 Remittance0
005010X222837 Professional0
005010X222A1837 Professional1
005010X223A1837 Institutional0
005010X223A2837 Institutional0
005010X224A1837 Dental0
005010X224A2837 Dental0
005010X225837 Health Care Claim: Reporting0
005010X230997 Functional Acknowledgement for Health Care Insurance0
005010X231999 Implementation Acknowledgement for Health Care Insurance0
005010X231A1999 Implementation Acknowledgement for Health Care Insurance0
005010X279270 Eligibility - Inquiry0
005010X279271 Eligibility - Response0
005010X279A1270 Eligibility - Inquiry0
005010X279A1271 Eligibility - Response0
005010X298837 Post-adjudicated Claims Data Reporting: Professional0
005010X299837 Post-adjudicated Claims Data Reporting: Institutional0
005010X300Post-adjudicated Claims Data Reporting: Dental0
005010X306820 Health Insurance Exchange Related Payments0
005010X307834 Benefit Enrollment0
5.1/1.1Controlled Substance Reporting0
5.1/1.1Controlled Substance Reporting Rebill0
5.1/1.1Controlled Substance Reporting Reversal0
5.1/1.1Information Reporting3
5.1/1.1Information Reporting Rebill3
5.1/1.1Information Reporting Reversal3
5.1/1.1Prior Authorization & Billing1
5.1/1.1Prior Authorization Inquiry2
5.1/1.1Prior Authorization Request Only4
5.1/1.1Prior Authorization Reversal1


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