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Ingenix is sponsoring the Convergence Project as a mechanism to help the industry converge on a common set of HIPAA Transaction Requirements by identifying the data requirements contained in 4010A1 companion documents and comparing requirements among multiple lists. The goal is to minimize the need for unique data requirements in companion documents and to help reduce the burden of companion documents.

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Ingenix reserves the right to remove lists or accounts that are clearly inappropriate (offensive, misleading, or created under false pretenses). Ingenix is not responsible for the content of these requirement lists.

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Ingenix' Convergence Project reflects only the good faith interpretation of requirements for HIPAA transactions made by the publisher of each list. These interpretations are not reviewed or approved by Ingenix or any governmental or private entity. Publisher's or other person's interpretations may differ. Ingenix disclaims all warranties and accepts no liability for user's reliance or use of Ingenix' Convergence system.

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